It’s that time again!

The new season starts and here you can find all information!

I wish you all a great Bundesliga season and much success
with your tip.

For all interested parties:

For our regular guests we have come up with a little betting game.

Before the start of the 1st Bundesliga season, we bet on the positions in the table that we think the teams will have at the end of the season.

For every match we get points every week and at the end of the season we know who (allegedly) is the best football expert.

After each matchday you can see your current position in the ranking and we all cheer when we broadcast the Bundesliga matches on our big screen.

If you are interested in the betting game, please send us a
e-mail with the completed lottery ticket, perhaps you can then play in the next Bundesliga season.


We are happy about every player!